M8 * 60 Loa Spike Cô Lập Spike Đứng Chân Màng Loa Đế Lót-quốc tế

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Giá giảm161.000 ₫Giá thị trường322.000 ₫
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  • Specifications:
    Material:Chrome plated copper
    the total length of speaker spike:6.1cm
    Base pad diameter:2.5cm
    Product weight: 57g

    >Can be used for hifi speakers or speaker frame.
    >It can be put under the speaker,or under the shock board and anti - shock frame,it's sharp end point to the ground,can minimize the harmful vibration.
    >Can eliminate the pollution between the ground and the speaker,get the pure natural sound effect.
    >Appearance is absolutly classic and high profile

    Package Included:
    1 x speaker spike
    1 x base pad https://vn-live.slatic.net/v2/resize/products/S-17615-dbe6865da6ec7d527bb510a0293bc742.jpg

    1X M8*60 Speaker Spike Isolation Spike Stand Foot Speaker Cone Base Pads